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Posted on 2022-03-02 08:14:16 by Uni_B

Timeframe: H1
Entry at 1.8323
Take profit 1 at 1.8297
Take profit 2 at 1.8281
Take profit 3 at 1.8266
Stop loss at 1.8367

Since Europe and UK would be hit hardest from fuel supply insecurity and the measures against the Russian Federation, investors moved their capital in less riskier currencies and GBP was hit by a sell-off.

On the other hand, Australia is not endangered by fuel supply insecurity, but the Reserve Bank of Australia did not raise the interest rate due to the concern that the wages will fail to keep up with the price increases.

Currently both MACD and RSI are showing a slowing down trend, but it is still early for a reversion. If the trend continues it might try to test it's previous resistance of 1.8248 from December. If we observe a reversion on the other hand, the instrument will first try its resistance of 1.8375.



Posted on 2022-03-02 07:18:53 by Uni_B

🔵  TP1   153.13
🔵  TP2   153.43
🔵  TP3   153.93
🔴  SL   152.48



Posted on 2022-03-01 08:03:10 by Uni_B

Price is gaining momentum after the huge decline ,we could see it recovering. 

Entry at market price
TP1: 1.3450

TP2: 1.3485

TP3: 1.3528
Stop 1.3365



Posted on 2022-03-01 07:56:52 by Uni_B

Price breaking falling resistance line on 1h chart, US dollar losing momentum.

Entry  at market price 
TP1: 1.1240
TP2: 1.1292 
SL: 1.1160 



Posted on 2022-03-01 07:51:58 by Uni_B

TP: 0.71544

SL: 0.73220


Ukrainian and Russian delegations will meet near the border with Belarus today.

Posted on 2022-02-28 10:25:02 by Uni_B

Ukrainian president's Constitutional Court representative Fedor Venislavsky told the country's parliamentary TV channel Rada that the negotiations are set to begin on Sunday night after the Kyiv delegation changed its route "due to security reasons".

"To ensure the maximum safety of our delegation, they have taken a route that avoids any threat to their lives and that keeps their location unknown," Venislavsky said.

The office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said earlier that a delegation will be sent to meet with Russian diplomats on the Belarusian border as Moscow's forces draw nearer to Kyiv.

In a later video address, Zelenskyy said that he agreed to the talks after a conversation with Belarus President Alexander Lukashenka, who assured him of the safety of the Ukrainian side.

Market will react. All updates in the Private 

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Posted on 2022-02-25 09:37:38 by Uni_B

Entry: 1.28160

TP: 1.29330

SL: 1.26977


Trade statistics

Posted on 2021-12-22 10:05:04 by Uni_B

December Trade Statistic 
•Posted on our free TG channel 

📊 30 Win / 3 Loss / 1 running 

🟢NZD/USD +30 Pips TP1 
🟢EUR/JPY +45 Pips TP1 
🟢EUR/JPY +480 Pips TP2
🟢Nikkei225 TP1 
🟢Nikkei225 TP2
🟢USD/JPY +40 Pips TP1
🟢Crude Oil +$3,2 
🟢Crude Oil +$7,6  
🟢GBP/JPY   +40Pips TP2
🟢GBP/CHF +65 Pips TP3
🟢GBP/AUD +80 Pips TP1 
🟢GBP/AUD +150 Pips TP2
🟢GBP/AUD +290 Pips TP3
🟢NZD/USD +90 TP3
🟢GBP/NZD  +190 Pips TP3
🟠Dow Jones loss
🟢AUD/USD +30 Pips TP1
🟢AUD/USD +50 Pips TP2
🟠NASDAQ loss
🟢USD/JPY +30 Pips TP1 
🟢USD/JPY +60 Pips TP2
🟢EUR/USD +25 Pips TP1
🟢USD/CHF +25 Pips TP1
🟢USD/CHF +60 Pips TP2
🟢GBP/USD +25 Pips TP1 
🟢GBP/JPY +25 Pips TP1 
🟢GBP/USD +25 Pips TP1 
🟢EUR/USD  running
🟢USD/CAD  in Profits 
🟠AUD/USD loss
🟢NZD/CAD +35 Pips TP1 
🟢EUR/AUD +30 Pips TP1 
🟢EUR/AUD +85 Pips TP2
🟢EUR/AUD +125 Pips TP3




Posted on 2021-11-30 15:03:50 by Uni_B

On Friday USD/JPY consolidates the heaviest daily loss since March 2020, bouncing off a 13-day low. That happened after WHO termed Omicron as a “variant of concern”, Japan tightens border controls. Looking forward, the virus developments in the West will be particularly more important for the USD/JPY traders, which in turn highlights today’s speech from US President Joe Biden to update on the US reaction to the COVID-19 variant. Additionally, comments from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will be observed closely for fresh impulse too.

In this pair, technical analysis shows a technical figure Rising Wedge . The Rising Wedge broke through the support line on 27/11/2021. USDJPY is forming a bearish formation on a daily chart . If the price holds below this level, we will have a possible bearish price movement with a forecast for the next 18 days with a target of 111.29. According to the experts, your stop loss should be around 115.52 if you enter this position.


✅Sell limit NZD/CHF

Posted on 2021-11-23 08:44:31 by Uni_B

Best entry: 0.6460

TP: 0.6400

SL: 0.6485