Pending Order Trade Suggestion

Posted on 2024-02-28 10:24:48 by Uni_B

Pending Order Trade Suggestion
BUY LIMIT @110.71

Following the overall up trend that is visible on the D1 time, prices have been ranging from a while forming conservative lows and highs with similar heights.
We intent to capitalize on the overall break out to the upside which is a typical characteristics of a bullish rectangle. 

Prices may choose to obey the trendline that is visible at the 1 hour times or not leaving it more risky as the potential SL will be greater than 40 pips.
should incase it breaks down the support trendline, we anticipate a sharp reversal which we can maximize it by setting a Buy limit.

Use proper ROR

tP1: 111.14
TP2: 111.60


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