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Pending Order Trade Suggestion

Posted on 2024-02-28 10:24:48 by Uni_B

Pending Order Trade Suggestion
BUY LIMIT @110.71

Following the overall up trend that is visible on the D1 time, prices have been ranging from a while forming conservative lows and highs with similar heights.
We intent to capitalize on the overall break out to the upside which is a typical characteristics of a bullish rectangle. 

Prices may choose to obey the trendline that is visible at the 1 hour times or not leaving it more risky as the potential SL will be greater than 40 pips.
should incase it breaks down the support trendline, we anticipate a sharp reversal which we can maximize it by setting a Buy limit.

Use proper ROR

tP1: 111.14
TP2: 111.60



Posted on 2024-02-27 12:00:40 by Uni_B

Our previous trade on EUR/AUD Smashed the TP2 and it has failled to brake the restiance level an rejection at this point even though a false reversal is visbile at the 1hour time.

We anticipate a futher fall in price unless the price breaks the resistances at 1.6618

Best entry is at 1.6580

tp1: 1.6525
tp2 1.6451



Posted on 2024-02-23 14:26:47 by Uni_B


The current reversal 9 pips awat from our TP was not anticipated. nevertherless, we can wait fro a restest which seems to already be happening 

there is a possibility for prices to continue fall and reverse at @1.26740

you can choose to login in profits at this level,
or exist the martket and wait to renter at this level (smaller target that might not meet your ROR) or you can choose to hold the trade like i am doing to the final tp

make jugements based on your account size and your trading plan.

Good luck



Posted on 2024-02-22 09:33:52 by Uni_B


Looking at the overall trend right from the 1 day, swing traders will be looing to hold a long for a while. 
the price is just at the bigining of a visible uptrend at a high time ( D1) though on jumping to a low time, we see that prices have been ranging and we can capitalise on that.

Price is about to bounce at a support visible at the 30mins.
we look to buy from there

best entries 1.6492
sl at 1.6488
tp1 1.6541
tp2 1.65800

Maintain proper risk management 



Posted on 2024-02-22 07:34:25 by Uni_B


So far, the overall downtrend will has changed and we are looking at an overall long and an entry has been confirmed as there has been a break in the trendline, a retest and price is about breaking the small ressistannt more visible at the 30 mins

best entry 1.08359
stoploss at 1.07820

tp1 at 1.0950
tp2 at 1.0985


Status :

Pips Gained : + 40


Posted on 2023-07-07 01:26:26 by Uni_B

The trade is already playing out.


Have you noticed that the market moves faster when you're not looking🤣


Mid night trade on AUDUSD

Posted on 2023-07-07 01:24:05 by Uni_B


45MIN Chart

I particular like to hold trades on AUDUSD over nights

There's this feel you get when you wake up to profits.
Price action and market structure is telling me that long will be good for the night.
What do you think?
If you share thesame thoughts 
Then take note of these levels

Tp: 0.66789
Sl: 0.65840


US100 Sell 🔔

Posted on 2023-07-04 11:16:25 by Uni_B

15 mins chart 

Price is currently restesting a support it just broke.
Visible correction has come to and end.
Waiting to ride along with the the next impulse on the down side.

Sl: 15154
Tp1: 15064.2
Tp2: 14985
Tp3: 14869



Posted on 2023-06-20 13:38:22 by Uni_B

AUDUSD is corrently testing a support at the 15minute. 

The pullback I anticipate as just the market trying to kick out some bulls before it rides on.

Confirmation comes from a break of the money line formed at the 15mins

Aggressive traders looking for sniper entries can enter now


Sl 0.67286

TP1 0.68090

Tp 2 0.68410


70 pips + on buy EURAUD

Posted on 2023-06-20 06:56:47 by Uni_B

Congrats to you all that held the trade